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Traction Winch

Long-length spooling under control


Using its extensive expertise in flex lay, MDL was tasked with developing a spread for the inspection of long lengths of crane wire ropes for US vessel owners, which could be deployed offshore (in often challenging sea-state conditions) from the back decks of Platform Supply Vessels. MDL's expertise would take into account not just the long lengths (3000m and over) but also the weight and handling tensions of modern, large diameter wire ropes.

MDL Solution

One of the key items in the spread was the Traction Winch. This system incorporates constant tension and render modes - as well as allowing manual operation - for complete control of line tension and speed. The integrated package can be relocated in a single lift and includes a large twin drum, an initiation winch, NDE interface, grease pump interface, spelter bucket catcher and entry and exit roller / sheaves. MDL Traction Winch can be modified to operate 50-150Te line tension.

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