Traction Winch

The MDL TW-100 is a double drum traction winch for supplying high tension to wire ropes or ROV umbilicals, supplied with a dedicated HPU and control system complete with local and WAB operations.


6.3m x 2.9m x 4.6m (LxBxH)


Product Capacity

Max side loading

Product diameter
70 - 120mm (subject to half-shell availability)

Boltable drum shells available to accommodate other diameters

Drum radius / MBR


Max line tension
80Te (low speed/high torque)

Brake torque

Max speed
0-1000m/hr, 2.2rpm (high speed/low torque)

Speed control
0 - 100%

Max operating pressure
275 bar

Max operating flow

Lifting Equipment

1 x lifting rigging set

Additional Information

The unit comprises of a twin drum assembly providing a line pull of up to 80Te.

The drums are driven by hydraulic motor assemblies.

The system incorporates constant tension and render modes, and manual operation with control of line tension and speed.

Large clearance under drums allows for wire rope terminations/ sockets to be passed through.

The unit provides tension readings via a load cell.

Vertical guide roller assemblies on both high tension and low tension ends.

The unit is supplied with a dedicated hydraulic powerpack.

MDL Traction Unit