Reel Drive System Tracks

The TS-500 transfer tracks are 500Te rated tracks suitable for the 400Te and 500Te Maritime Developments Reel Dive Systems.

The transfer tracks come in three standard lengths, 12m, 7m and 5m and are universal so can be configured in any order and are bolted together.

Component Parts

Standard pairs of tracks
Bolts for each flanged joint
Dedicated lift rigging

Component Parts

Dimensions 12m track
12.0m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight - 8.5Te

Dimensions 7m track
7.3m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight - 5.1Te

Dimensions 5.0m track
4.96m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight - 3.5Te


Maximum reel + product capacity 500Te.
Alternative lengths can be supplied on request.