TTS-2/60 Series Tensioner on Ramp

2-track system on a ramp

The MDL TTS-2/60 Series Tensioner is a 10Te line pull, 2-track system for the installation or recovery of flexibles, cables, umbilicals and steel pipe products.

The caterpillar tracks are fitted with 'V' shaped pads and operate by gripping the product between the opposing track carriages with hydraulic cylinders.

The system can be supplied on a ramp structure for overboarding, transpooling or for guiding products between underdeck carousels and vertical lay systems.


8.25m x 4.8m x 8.4m

32Te (with tensioner)
21Te (without tensioner)


The specifications for the tensioner can be referenced in the TTS-2/60 series data sheet.

Note: The unit can be supplied with hydraulic or electric drives.

Component Parts

Fixed top chute
Fleeting bottom chute
Main structure for tensioner
Safe access via staircases
Pad basket landing area
Integrated powerpack

Lifting Equipment

1 x lifting rigging set for complete unit with tensioner

Assumed Conditions

Up to 100%

Marine/high salinity

Power Requirements

Supply 1 (main system)
3 phase 440V, 60Hz, 250 amp supply at full load

Design Appraisal

Design appraised in accordance with Lloyds standards

Additional Information

The integrated system consists of a tensioner system mounted on an inclined frame, a fixed entry chute and a movable departure chute, as well as an integrated EPU/ HPU with an electric control panel within the base of the structure.

The tensioner’s top track is mounted on kingpins so it can pivot to open or close as required by the operator through two hydraulic cylinders.

Obt Mdl Obt Datasheet 002