Lower Chute & Compensator

The LCC-10Te Lower Chute & Compensator transitions flexible pipe (product) from a deck mounted carousel or reel to a VLS tower.

The unit is supplied with an integrated electro-hydraulic power unit and pivots horizontally to provide a fleeting angle.

Component Parts

Lower chute with Diablo rollers
Compensator tower system
Load cell

Power Supply

Electrical supply
Voltage: 240V AC
Current: 16 Amps
Poles: Two

Hydraulic supply
Pressure: 300 Bar
Flow: 160 Litres/min


10.5m x 5.7m x 10.5m (LxBxH)

44.7Te (compensator with lower chute complete)


Product load
Max product line tension: 10Te
Max static line tension: 15Te
Min product line tension: 2Te
Line tension variation top to bottom stroke: +/ - 1Te

Product Diameters, Bending Radius and Line Speed

Min product outer diameter: 50mm
Max product outer diameter: 600mm
Bending radius for min product OD: 5955mm
Bending radius for max product OD: 6000mm

Note: The unit can be supplied with an HPU

Lowerchutecomp 01 Lowerchutecomp 02