Compensated Sheave

The MDL CSU-100 is a compensated sheave unit for use on or offshore to ensure a constant wire tension setting is achieved whether in static or dynamic conditions. Typically used for systems with wire rope such as winches and cranes.


7.7m x 4.4m x 6.0m (LxBxH)


Operating mode
Vertical to horizontal

Product Capacity

Product diameter
70 - 120mm

Boltable sheave shells available to accommodate other diameters

Drum radius / MBR


Max compensated tension 80Te (onshore and within sheltered water)

35Te (offshore)

Min compensated tension 20Te

Compensation stroke
+/- 1m

Max lead-in angle
10° transverse
5° longitudinal

Lifting Equipment

1 x lifting rigging set

Additional Information

The Compensated Sheave unit eliminates vessel motion effects through a passive heave system.

The compensation is achieved with built-in nitrogen accumulators.

The unit features two operating modes: passive and manual (fixed).

The system comes complete with two sets of product guides to contain the product on entry and exit.

MDL Compensator Unit 001 MDL Compensator Unit 002