Adjustable Deck Radius Controller

The MDL DRC-037 is a deck radius controller that is used for directing flexible products, cables and umbilicals. It has an adjustable firing line and a maximum line pull of 25Te.

Operational Specification

Chute Radius



6.0m x 9.6m x 3.8m (LxBxH)



Hydraulic cylinders stroke

Max working load


Cylinder extend / retract time


Lifting Equipment

Unit is supplied complete with 4 leg lift rigging set

Power Requirements

3 phase, 440V (+earth), 60Hz 62 amp supply
18.5kW HPU required

Key Benefits

User friendly: 2 x Hydraulic cylinders powered by a HPU allows the deflector assembly to extend or retract on the base frame allowing end fittings to be passed around the chute and accommodate different product diameters. The vertical guide posts stop the product dropping off the horizontal guides.

Modularity: Can be supplied as a fixed unit without the HPU.

Easily mobilised: Can be disassembled into 3 x road transportable sections, saving on transport costs.

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