30Te Flying Lead Turntable

Flying lead turntable

The FLT-30 Flying Lead Turntable is a 30Te - 2.4m diameter turntable for the installation or recovery of umbilicals and flying leads.


3.8m x 2.25m x 0.96m (LxBxH)
Weight - 4.5Te

Diameter of turntable

Max payload

Max torque
8.1Tem (4.5Te at 1.8m radius)

Max speed


Main base frame
Built-in storage box
Adapter plate for Oceaneering pallets
Separate hydraulic powerpack

Power Requirements

Supply 1 (main system)
440V, 60Hz, 100amp

Additional Information

The function of the FLT-30 is to deploy umbilicals and flying leads. The system is supplied with a DUCO interface and a separate adapter suitable to drive Oceaneering pallets.

The turntable can be modified to operate pallets from other providers.

The system comprises of a main base frame, which houses thethree main drive motors, slew ring and hydraulic connection point.

The system is driven by a separate hydraulic powerpack (HPU), connected to the turntable via hydraulic hoses terminated with quick disconnect connections.

The turntable has a built-in storage box for spares and tooling that is lockable and removable if required.

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