300Te Reel Drive System

The MDL MRDS-300-80 Reel Drive System is a modular reel drive for the installation or recovery of flexibles, cables, umbilicals, wire rope or steel pipe products.


Reel drive tower (each)
5.13m x 3.1m x 5.3m (LxBxH) assembled
Weight – 22.1Te

12m track section (each)
12m x 2.9m x 0.46m
Weight – 4.5Te

Electro-hydraulic powerpack (HPU)
132kW pump

170kW system rating

Integrated touchscreen HMI control panel

Wireless walkabout box supplied as standard for control


Maximum reel weight

Maximum reel diameter

Minimum reel diameter
Unlimited (with packers below reel)

Maximum torque


Max hub rotation speed

2.0 rev/min at 40Te/m (high speed/low torque

1.0 rev/min at 80Te/m (low speed/ high torque)

Maximum line pull on 6m reel
17Te on any layer

Design Appraisal

Design appraised in accordance with DNV standards

Assumed Conditions


Marine/high salinity

Additional Information

The system is suitable for reel diameters 9.2m (30ft) and below with combined reel + product weight of 300Te.

  • Hubs driven by hydraulic motor/gearbox drive assemblies with failsafe closed brakes.
  • Track system option, so the towers can move between reels.
  • Automated walking system to reduce downtime when moving between reels.
  • The raising and lowering of reels is automated to reduce working at height requirements.
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system for local and remote use.
  • Ability to interface with other MDL equipment, such as tensioners.
  • Road transportable or can be shipped by standard methods.
  • Supplied with quick connect/disconnect hoses.
Rds 300 01 Mdl Rds 300 02