setembro 2014

Patent protection secured for Maritime Developments’ tensioner

Maritime Developments has secured a patent for its bespoke 4-track tensioner ahead of the delivery of a third unit of this type.

The TTS-4/140 series tensioner is a 50-tonne 4-track caterpillar system for the handling of subsea products. The caterpillar tracks are fitted with V-shaped pads and operate by gripping the product between the opposing track carriages with failsafe hydraulic cylinders.

Thanks to its innovative design, the 4-track tensioner can be used vertically, horizontally or on a ramp. It adds to Maritime Developments’ existing offering of 2-track tensioners used for side or top loading, allowing the company to deliver tensioners with either electric or hydraulic drives.

The new tensioner will complement Maritime Developments’ rental fleet, which currently includes a reel drive system, overboarding chute, installation reel, spreader beam and marine deck crane.

Mike Gaskin, commercial director at Maritime Developments, said: “The tensioner effectively completes a full suite of products. With the reel drive and the chute, we have all the key components to install and recover the product from the seabed.

“The next phase will be the delivery of a vertical lay system or a horizontal lay system. That will be the icing on the cake. In addition, we are delighted to have secured the patent.”

The company launched its innovative portable vertical lay system (VLS) last year. The flexible design allows for road transport and assembly at the quayside, can be used with a vessel of opportunity and requires only two lifts on to the vessel – one for the VLS and one for the tensioner.