FPSO Case Study

Hawser Winch Maintenance

Maximising operability, minimising POB


The client was experiencing erratic operational issues with their hawser winch, with significant shuddering when being used in deployment mode. Following discussions on the potential cause, it was agreed the issue could lie in a recently replaced main hydraulic control block. This became focus of MDL’s investigations, on and offshore.

MDL Solution

MDL took a 3-step approach to the reinstatement: firstly, a “desktop” review of the hydraulic control block to assess condition. This was followed by workshop testing of hydraulic valves to confirm spool configuration and valve settings were as per supplied documentation. Once full flow and pressure testing was complete, MDL produced a report, which was followed by fault- finding on the FPSO by an experienced MDL hydraulic supervisor.


By performing the majority of tasks onshore, the reinstatement could be performed at minimum POB. The intervention improved operability of the winch, critical to supporting platform production. Additionally, we identified any potential failures and maintenance issues on the winch’s hydraulic system. MDL continued to support the client by supplying experienced technicians to oversee subsequent offloading operations.

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