50Te Vertical Lay System

The VLS-50Te is a portable vertical lay system for the deployment and retrieval of subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF).

The innovation facilitates the transit of flexible products from on-deck carousels or reel drive systems to a vertical orientation so that they can be installed over the side or through the moon pool of a vessel.


Dimensions (approx. depending on configuration)
11.1m x 8.1m x 18.3m (LxBxH)

60Te excluding tensioner, tensioner HPU, deck winches and compensator


Maximum installation tension

Maximum tension over top chute

Product diameters (to be aligned with tensioner pads)
Minimum outer diameter – 50mm
Maximum outer diameter – 600mm
Radius of top chute – 4.0m


Road transportable in component parts.

Integrated staircases walkways and handrails.

Hydraulically operated moon pool doors.

Retractable hang-off clamp.

Integrated control van.

Integrated tensioner powerpack (if Maritime Developments tensioner supplied).

Integrated spares container.

Davits for handling buoyancy module/bend restrictors.

Retractable top chute.

Integrated platforms with handrails foraccess to the tensioner.

Pre-installed electrical and hydraulic services – plug and play unit.

Mdl Pvls50 01