Second-generation Reel Drive System

Modular reel drive for the installation or recovery of flexibles, cables, umbilicals, wire rope or steel pipe products.


Reel drive tower (each)
5.55m* x 3.2m x 8.m (LxBxH) assembled
Weight 55Te (*tower base)

12.0m track section (each)
12.0m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight – 8.5Te

7.0m track section (each)
7.3m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight – 5.1Te

5.0m track section (each)
4.96m x 2.25m x 0.53m (LxBxH) weight – 3.5Te

Electro-hydraulic powerpack (HPU)
3.5m x 2.4m x 2.5m (LxBxH)
Weight – 6.5Te

Control van
3.0m x 2.4m x 2.5m (LxBxH)
Weight – 4.0Te

Spares container
3.0m x 2.3m x 2.4m (LxBxH)
Weight – 6.0Te


Maximum reel diameter

Minimum reel diameter
Unlimited (with packers below reel)

Maximum torque

Max hub rotation speed
1.0 rev/min at 75Te/m (high speed/low torque)

Max hub rotation speed
0.5 rev/min at 150Te/m (low speed/high torque)

Maximum line pull on 11.4m reel
26Te at outer flange

Assumed Conditions

Up to 100%

Marine/high salinity

Design appraisal
Design appraised in accordance with LR Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment 2013, Chapter 4, Section 4.

Lifting Equipment

All items supplied with dedicated rigging rated for onshore lifts.

Hose & Cable Package

20m set from HPU to reel drive tower 1

20m control cable from control van to HPU

Wireless walk about box supplied as option for control

Power Requirements

3 Phase, 440V, 60Hz, 250amp supply

Additional Information

The system is suitable for reel diameters 12m and below.

  • Industry design approval by Lloyds Register.

  • Hubs driven by hydraulic motor/ brake/gearbox drive assemblies with failsafe closed brakes.

  • Self-supporting towers (no internal rigging required)

  • Track system can be supplied so the towers can move between reels.

  • The track system can be supplied with an integrated 3rd rail for securing cradles.

  • The unit has failsafe closed walking clamps.

  • Automated clamping system to reduce downtime when moving between reels.

  • The raising and lowering of reels is automated to reduce working at height requirements.

  • Wireless operation with a Walk About Box (WAB)

  • Wireless remote dial-up for maintenance support.

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system for local and remote use.

  • Ability to interface with other pipelay equipment such as tensioners.

  • Road-transportable or can be shipped by container vessel in components.

  • The unit is supplied with dedicated electro-hydraulic powerpack.

  • Supplied with quick connect/ disconnect hoses.

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