March 2020

One Team MDL during COVID-19

In times of a global crisis, the One Team MDL extends to all our clients, partners and colleagues.

As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, we continue to take steps to protect our employees, and their dependants, with a goal to reduce our exposure to the disease and the risk of it spreading, while maintaining support for our clients and operations in these unprecedented circumstances.

We are actively monitoring the situation and following the latest advice by the WHO and the UK and overseas governments. Our leadership teams are conferencing daily to address and respond to the ever-changing conditions in the countries where our personnel are present.

MDL offshore and on-project teams

Our people involved in critical operations continue to do so, and we are working closely with our clients and partners to ensure the highest protection for all personnel. That includes following strict health guidelines, pre-mobilisation checks, adhering to travel, workplace policies, practicing good hygiene and social distancing.

Prior to essential overseas travel, we ensure airlines have appropriate screening measures in place. Upon arrival in-country, and prior to joining a vessel, our personnel are put into quarantine. The Project team will request vessel joining criteria and ensure measures are in place, in line with the country’s government policies and guidelines.

Where possible, we will continue to provide services and support to customers in person by video conferencing, telephone and email.

Your onshore contacts

Following the latest governmental policies, our office-based staff are now either required to work from home, or - where it is essential for our ongoing global operations - to restrict their travel exclusively to and from office.

MDL has instructed employees that all internal and external meetings, when possible, will be conducted over video conferencing tools or telephone. The current all stop on visitors to any MDL worksite will continue until further notice.

All personnel are being informed, through multiple channels, whether at home or in supporting the global operations, to maintain a high focus on personal hygiene, including washing hands for min. 20 sec, keeping workstations sanitised, avoiding physical contact, and limiting their exposure to groups of more than 2 people.

We encourage our clients and prospective partners to connect with us remotely, via email, phone calls or video conferencing.

One Team MDL

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank our team, for keeping our operations running safely, and for sticking to the MDL work ethic and core values which help ensure continuous supply of the natural resources required for the world’s everyday living.

We would also like to thank the extended MDL family: the grocery workers, postmen, farmers, lorry drivers, telecommunications specialists, waste disposal, pharmacists, emergency services and - most importantly - the healthcare providers who are continuing to work in these difficult times to serve the wider community.

Today, we have to keep a distance - but to get through this crisis, now more than ever we also need to stick together as One Team.