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Halving the Headache

on the Back Deck

Halving the headache with a simple approach

Over-complication of the back deck isn’t a means of improving the quality of operation, believes MDL rental director, Mike Gaskin - and a double-tensioner solution for horizontal lay is one example.

Three lessons about change

As MDL cements its US presence with Subsea Tieback, VP MDL Americas Andrew Blaquiere investigates what this year's show has taught us about change - and how to capitalise on it in the O&G business.

Instinct, Matured

Great things take time to mature... and so does engineering excellence. As MDL reaches 18 years in business, CEO Derek Smith recaps on the company's journey of growth - one reel drive at a time.

Safe as MDL

Strengthening the safety of oil and gas operations doesn't have to mean higher expenditure - with the right tools, H&S and cost reduction go hand in hand, believes MDL commercial director Mike Gaskin.

Calculated Moves

As MDL adds a brand new tensioner to its Offshore Service fleet in a challenging market, BD & commercial manager Dave Gardiner explains how going against the tide results in greater returns for the industry - not only in oil and gas.

24/7 Ambassadors

You’re only as good as your last job, they say... but when you're backed up by a great team, every job is a success, believes MDL operations director, George Mackintosh. Read his views on the power of nurtured internal resources in this blog.

Turning the frown upside down at Expo

The 2017 Subsea Expo felt quieter than the previous years - a clear sign of the market's continued struggles. And yet, some discussions left the delegates feeling "quietly positive"... MDL CEO Derek Smith reviews this year's show.

A different cup of tea

It's a paradox of our industry: there's hunger for innovation, but few willing to champion it. MDL CEO Derek Smith takes a view on the "first to be second" approach to new technology - over a cup of tea...

Asking the right questions

Cost savings in flex lay are there for the taking - but are you finding them? MDL commercial director Mike Gaskin believes an open dialog - and an open mind - help make the most of the market's competitive offering.

An ex-Captain’s perspective

From sailing the seas to championing reduced vessel time - MDL Americas president Mark Williamson explains the attraction of facing industry challenges with the back deck specialist

That one New Year’s resolution worth sticking to

As the New Year loses its novelty factor, it's tempting to abandon ambitious plans for the months ahead... But 2016 can be better than you think, if you follow this one advice.

Selling value: The toughest challenge with supply chain

In the current difficult market of low oil price, can we afford to be penny-wise and pound-foolish?

Let their hair down: Investment that pays back

We're all human: commercial director Mike Gaskin talks about leadership and team-building in a difficult market

Cutting costs: Why we’re all in it together

Maritime Developments' commercial director Mike Gaskin talks about the power of collaboration in cost reduction

Innovation: Speaking the same language

If it's not broken, why fix it? Maritime Developments CEO Derek Smith explains how he found common language with the Texans.

The Budget: A step in the right direction

Maritime Developments' commercial director Mike Gaskin reflects on the Budget 2015 announcement.

Smart thinking at Subsea Expo: It all figures

Maritime Developments' CEO Derek Smith shares his impressions of Subsea Expo 2015.