May 2016

MDL launches innovative well intervention system

Maritime Developments has delivered a new flexible pipe deployment and retrieval system for Magma Global, which is set to significantly reduce the costs and risks of light well intervention for the offshore oil industry.

The m-IDP (Integrated Deployment Package) was unveiled at the company’s assembly and testing facility in Peterhead, at a client Open Day co-hosted with Magma.

Well intervention project managers and engineers from across the UK were able to take a close look at the system at the event, before attending a technical session explaining the combined application of the m-IDP system with Magma’s m-pipe®, designed for high flow rate, high pressure hydraulic pumping from the back deck of smaller vessels.

The m-IDP is a compact, highly developed and multi-function system designed specifically for installation, retrieval and storage of 3-inch 15ksi m-pipe® - the lightweight pipe manufactured by Magma Global.

Thanks to the flexible m-IDP design, m-pipe® can be installed over the moon pool or side or over the stern of the vessel as required.

The complete package is due to travel to the Gulf of Mexico, with the first deployment expected by the end of 2016.

Derek Smith, CEO of MDL said:

“We are pleased to present this latest custom-built addition to our portfolio, which, combined with Magma’s m-pipe, opens up a whole new proposition for offshore light well intervention.

“In delivering this system, we combined our knowledge of the harsh marine environment and challenges faced on the vessel’s back deck, with our ethos of delivering the most compact, safe and user-friendly equipment to offshore operators globally.

“This integrated system, coupled with the unique capabilities of the m-pipe, is set to become an invaluable solution for operators with multiple well intervention projects, regardless of their geographical location.”

Steve Hatton, Technical Director at Magma Global said:

“This high performance offshore m-IDP system has evolved steadily from the original concept that we started discussing with MDL over a year ago. After a lot of detailed meetings, what we have now is a truly integrated package.

“We wanted a system to allow us to deploy our m-pipe to any current or future subsea well depth up to 10,000 feet, and enable maximum pressure and high flow rate pumping.

“We knew operators were seeking an integrated pumping system they could rely on and, thanks to the combination of the m-IDP system, m-pipe’s durability and its ability to withstand high pressures, high temperatures and highly corrosive intervention fluids, the whole system can be reused on multiple intervention projects for many years with confidence.

“As the whole system can pump intervention fluids rapidly, and at high pressures, detailed calculations show this combination offers potential savings of 30% in comparison to traditional offshore light well intervention operations like coiled tube systems.

“Driven by our client’s demand for competitive systems, this means it has to be light, compact and take up minimum deck space, and I think our combined efforts have achieved that within the m-IDP design, which will be launched into the market on a highly competitive day-rate basis.

“We will continue to work with MDL to support our activities offshore - there’s no doubt MDL are going to be the best people to assist us with the maintenance and operation of the m-IDP, and we see this as a very positive partnership going forwards.”

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