November 2020

MDL joins FPAL community

MDL has achieved the Achilles First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) membership.

Achilles FPAL is a supplier management system used by Operators and Contractors in the UK, Netherlands and Ireland to prequalify suppliers for opportunities in the European oil and gas market.

The pre-qualification on the system means that MDL has passed the Achilles’ registration and evaluation process, which included an in-depth assessment of the business, including financial performance, policies, products and services.

The results of the assessments have been recorded as MDL’s capability profile, available on the FPAL database.

The system allows Operators and Contractors to research, select and manage suppliers when awarding contracts or purchase orders more efficiently, by negating the need for repetitive and generic pre- qualification activity – as a result saving time, resource and reducing risk within the supply chain.

Established in 1996 by the UK oil and gas industry, FPAL was formed as part of a cost reduction initiative which recommended the need for improved supply chain efficiencies and development of a centralised system which provides standardised information and helps to reduce procurement costs by 30%.

Marvin Morrison, MDL Commercial Developments Manager, said:

“I am pleased to see MDL successfully pre-qualified on the Achilles FPAL system, as this move fits well within the company’s growth strategy. As we grow internally and expand our reach, we have to incorporate more scalable systems into our operations – and FPAL is one of them.

“MDL is well known for its time and operational efficiencies on projects, so it is only appropriate that we can extend these efficiencies into the tendering process, by reducing the workload required in supplier qualification process – and instead, focus ours and our clients’ time on finding true cost savings on their individual missions.”