October 2018

First mid-stream California debut

Maritime Developments has successfully concluded a pipe replacement project in Honker Bay, California.

MDL’s 25Te 2-track Tensioner (MDL TTS-2/140) was used to handle a small-diameter steel pipe, as part of a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project.

The operation facilitated the replacement of a 1.9km (1.2 mile) 8-inch pipe and was carried out from an anchored barge, approximately 2km (7,000 feet) from shore.

The barge operation consisted of stacking 200ft-long steel pipes to form a single 1.2mile-long section. The tensioner was used to hold two sections of pipe to facilitate welding, and then to push the pipe horizontally onto support rollers until it reached the final length.

The complete automation of the tensioner, including readouts provided by the control system, ensured that the product was handled under correct tension and speed, and prevented the growing pipeline from moving out of the firing line.

The complete pipe was then submerged in the bay and installed in place of the original section using the HDD rig.

Andrew Blaquiere, VP of MDL Americas, said: “This project was a great experience for MDL.

“Our service personnel really enjoyed working with everyone involved, and felt a strong sense of team-work in bringing this project to completion. Seeing the complete line and final tie-in was particularly satisfying.

“We also appreciated the ingenuity that went into planning of the project, corresponding with MDL values of finding innovative solutions to pipelay challenges.

“This was a step-out from our traditional work scopes of offshore flexlay and pipelay, but our equipment worked effectively in shallow water to handle the rigid steel pipe. Once again we have proved the flexibility of our services and look forward to future uses in other mid-stream operations.”