June 2019

Accelerating Rever Offshore’s North Sea campaign

Maritime Developments has completed two different work scopes for Rever Offshore and is en-route to the third project in the campaign.

The completed missions, started in April, included installation and decommissioning of products in two North Sea fields, using a horizontal spread solution on board the Normand Clipper.

For the first work scope, an MDL Second-generation Reel Drive System and a Rever HLS with MDL 50-tonne tensioner were used to install flowlines and an umbilical at a North Sea field.

In the run-up to the campaign, the client-owned HLS was refurbished and stored in MDL’s quayside Peterhead facility as part of the company’s Asset Maintenance & Engineering package.

Straight off the back of the first project, the vessel moved on to retrieve flexible lines as part of a decommissioning work scope, using the MDL Reel Drive System for recovering the product onto reels and transpooling along the quayside.

Dave Gardiner, MDL BD and Commercial Manager, said:

“For this project, due to the construction and age of the product, there was no guarantee that it would not flatten over the chute, making the tensioner option a risk.

“To ensure certainty on the technical solution and schedule, Rever committed to an MDL Second-generation Reel Drive System, which guaranteed the maximum 140Tem of torque.

“The MDL solution reduced project costs for the mobilisation, demobilisation, operational rates and manpower requirements as a result of the tensioner not being required for the project.”

The final project in the campaign will see the MDL horizontal spread return to the North Sea field, to recover and tie-in the subsea flexibles and umbilicals.

“Collaboration early in the project life cycle helps combine multiple work scopes. Rever has embraced this and engaged with MDL early to take the opportunity to maximise the availability of the equipment for multiple operations,” Gardiner said.

“Typical costs associated with stand-alone projects, such as engineering, sea-fastening and mobilisation and demobilisation costs can be shared across multiple missions or clients, as demonstrated on this campaign.”

Watch the vessel mobilisation and the first project operations here: