October 2015

Maritime Rentals fleet continues to grow

Just like the innovative technology that sets it apart from the competition, the Maritime Developments orange is becoming the company’s trademark on the back-deck rental market.

Since its launch in February 2014 the Maritime Rentals fleet has grown with a range of the company’s key products, including its patented 4-track tensioner and its third-generation reel drive system.

To maximise the benefits from using an integrated Maritime Developments spread in offshore operations, the company has also added a set of customisable deck deflectors to its rental range.

The modular deflector turning frames are supplied in 45-degree segments, which can be joined together to provide a 360-degree deflector.

Depending on the set-up orientation, the units comprise of vertical or horizontal rollers with a movable guide at the top or side to ensure the product is captured and does not lift out under tension.

A combination of five horizontal and vertical deflectors has recently been delivered to an industry major as part of the pipelaying spread for flexible riser installation in the North Sea. The deflectors support the transitioning of the product from a horizontal orientation to vertical positioning between the RDS and Maritime Developments portable vertical lay system (PVLS).

“The Maritime Developments orange is becoming synonymous with a high quality product and increased operational efficiency in the global rental market,” said the company’s operations director, George Mackintosh.

“We note a growing demand for our technology and strive to gradually increase our rental offering to be able to cater for all kinds of customers and markets.”